3 Steps to Turbo-charge your Marketing with Reviews

Did you know that you are 4 times more likely to sign up a new client if they come as a referral? Wouldn’t it be great if every parent would share their experience with your center with at least one other person looking for child care? What if you could get your parents to share it with 5, 10 or even 20 other parents. What would that do for your business? How fast would your center grow?

Problem…. most parents may share their great experience once or twice but the minute they stop sharing it, you stop getting referrals from them. What if you could capture those experiences and share them a million times? What would that do for your bottom line? That is the power of reviews. It gives you the ability to capture your parent’s best experiences with you, your staff and your center and deliver that message to potential clients right when they are looking for your services. That is why reviews are absolutely crucial for child care centers to rapidly grow their businesses.

Here are 3 steps to help you not only capture reviews but market them at the speed of light to find new clients and grow your business.
Step 1: Get More Reviews

The first thing you need to do is to start getting more reviews. This can seem very daunting, but I promise you can get a review in less than 30 seconds with the right system. We built an automated system called SoTellUs that will let you capture video, audio and written reviews instantly using an app on your phone or tablet. Your client just enters their first and last name, phone number, gives you a star rating and then records the video, audio or writes the review right on the device. It is so easy that one of our clients, Dr. Steven Funk, a chiropractor in California captured 40 SoTellUs reviews, 30 Google reviews and 17 Facebook reviews using SoTellUs in just 5 days! Can you imagine how fast you could grow your business with 87 new reviews in 5 days! . Click Here to see what Dr. Funk says about SoTellUs!

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