5 Team Communication Apps Your Center Needs to Try Today

Working in the child care business means working in a very fast pace environment where information is constantly changing and misconstrued as it goes down the chain of command. This constant change of information makes communicating with your staff quickly get out of control, leaving you and your staff feeling unorganized and left out of the loop.

Efficient and effective communication with your staff is essential to ensure you and your team are running a successful childcare business. Thankfully due to technology, communicating with staff is easier than ever. However, as with all new technology, these new forms of communication come with flaws that sometime outshine their advantages. Email inboxes are constantly overflowing with small day to day issues that need to be addressed between staff.

Here are 5 of the top communication apps you and your team should try today! 


This app allows team communication to be done quickly in one place. The admin of the Slack account can create as many different categorized channels and add as many staff members to those as they want. For example, there might be a General Information channel where announcements are made that pertain to all staff members, then there is a Leadership channel that is only used for communication between the owner, directory, assistant direction and ect. Additionally, every staff member has their own individual channel where they can send and receive messages to and from any other team member that has their Slack account set up. This allows for quick communications to happen between staff, such as a teacher being informed of a change of pickup time for Sammy that day.

Slack also is great for sharing documents within chats. It allows for many cloud based document storing integrations to be used and Dropbox, making sharing files quick and easy. Also, if you ever forget which channel a file was shared in you don’t have to worry – there is a search box where you can run a keyword search for what you are looking for. The search box will pull any related files and messages sent within Slack