Let’s Stuff your Inbox: Lead Magnet Ideas to Help You Grow Your List

Sarah is a fairly new child care center owner. She’s worked in the field for over a decade and always had a dream to open her own preschool someday. That day finally arrived about six months ago. In fact, Sarah did plenty of planning and preparation before opening her school, and it’s paid off because she already has experienced some great momentum. For the most part things are going really well. She found a great location, hired a team that she is proud of, and has already filled her school to about 60% full in a very short time.


3 Key Principles of Think & Grow Rich

Kris starts this week off with a big announcement — her new book, Rockstar Stories, is out and available! She then dives into the three important principles of one of the most important success strategy books out there today, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. These three principles and their associated action items are the foundation for manifesting your dream life and creating a space where the universe rewards you with what it is you actually seek. Then, Kris gives two real-life examples of what happens when you follow the principles, and also why persistence is key if it doesn’t go perfectly at first.

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