Create “Wow” Experiences to Increase Retention in your Preschool

How many of you have a “favorite place in the world”? You know, your favorite mall, restaurant, adrenaline park, hotel, store, golf course, beach club, ski resort… whatever… A place where you go that someone else takes care of you. Think about that place for a minute. Can you identify why it is your favorite place? Is it the way they treat you, the way you feel when you are there, the ability to unwind, relax and not worry about anything? Do you feel important, valued, treasured, cherished?

I have a place like that. My favorite place in the world. When I go to this place – I feel like royalty. Spoiled really. I’m seriously in love with this place. I post online long, detailed reviews and I even include employees by name! I encourage other guests to join the membership program, I mean, I’m helping them sell their program! I’m not just in love, I’m an advocate.

And then last weekend happened. They had lost our reservation, the hotel was at 100% occupancy, so they upgraded us to a suite – yay, right? But then they wanted us to share it with another family! And it just went downhill from there. The dinner reservations, the reserved beach and pool chairs, the special front row seats for shows… all of our membership services that we had paid for were missing.

So, to the manager’s office we go. For three hours we listened to three different managers argue with us and give us excuses. We ended up not having to share the suite, but we weren’t feeling really great with our favorite place in the world.

Actually, we walked out thinking, “I’m never coming back to this resort. I want my money back for this weekend. Actually, I think I want my money back for the entire membership program. I want out. How many places can I post a bad review?”

And so on. And this is a place I love – a place that has spent 5 years building a relationship with me!

I’m guessing they were stressed, tired, and had no idea what to do with a sold out hotel – but one bad weekend and it almost ruined a five year relationship.

Can you relate to any of this? Ever have a bad customer experience? 

What about if I turn it around.