Creating a Partnership with Colleges to Recruit Teachers & Staff

We understand that today’s pandemic has created unusually difficult hiring dynamics for you as child care business owners, and we would like to help you advocate new ways of reaching out and finding talented candidates. According to the data, 80% of child care businesses are struggling to find hires due to safety concerns and many other reasons resulting from COVID. 

The hiring crisis that we are currently in calls for out-of-the-box ideas to find new hires, and turning to your local community colleges and universities are great places to begin your search. Colleges are a great resource to have in your toolbox because they contain a sea of potential volunteers, interns, recent graduates seeking employment, substitutes, tutors, part-time and after-school child care providers, special-education instructors, and many more! 

Do not limit yourself to only looking at early childhood education programs within a college but also explore opportunities for hires within childhood psychology programs.

If you are looking to fill other positions within your company, for example, HR, you may also want to look at human resources or business programs within a college. Colleges are eager to pair with businesses because successful students finding a job after college reflects positively in the statistics of their school. 

Not sure how to begin your recruiting process through colleges? Hopefully the pointers I provide you with below help get you started. 

How to Reach Out:

    • Contact department heads and try to be as targeted as possible. Communication can become lost through the grapevine and someone may drop the ball. When you contact the head of the department be as specific as you can in what you are looking for and ask who the go to person would be to make this happen.


    • Reach out to multiple admins and faculty members within that department. Department heads are busy people and sometimes they just can’t respond