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Leadership Mastery for Early Educators

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Leadership Mastery for Early Educators is unlike any training course or coaching program in our field.  

You’ll get exactly what you need to solve the above challenges – without the “fluff” or rhetoric found in so many leadership trainings.

The True Cost of in an Early Childhood Program

Leadership Issues Lead to Staffing Issues, Which Lead to Enrollment Issues, Which Lead to Profit Issues!

There is an epidemic in the child care industry: extremely high staff turnover rates. The industry average is currently between 30-40%!

Working in child care can be extremely rewarding, but even in the healthiest, most positive working environment, the stress and chaos of it all, coupled with the low rate of pay, can wear on a person. This combination alone can lead to high rates of staff turnover. 

You might be surprised to learn, though, that the factors that most strongly influence staff turnover have nothing to do with money, or workload stress, or chaos.

The LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS to High Staff Turnover are Poor Company Leadership and a Negative Company Culture!

Notice I didn’t say poor company “management” – I clearly said “leadership.” There is quite a difference between being a leader and being a manager. 

So many of our child care directors are focused on the management of the center – the paperwork, and the regulations and the scheduling – that they don’t take any time to work on LEADERSHIP. 

What Is Turnover Costing You?

The cost of turnover in our industry is estimated to be approximately $5-8,000 per position when you consider the following factors:

Leadership Involves People!

It is building relationships and working WITH people to accomplish something big. It is LEADING them to success by taking them with you.

In the Absence of Strong Leadership, Negativity Festers.

Rather than collectively working toward one big goal or vision, everyone is out to accomplish their own agenda – their own way. 

There is no unity or team spirit. 

An absence of purposeful, direct and open communication from the top down (or between team members) leads to misunderstandings, which provide fodder for venting and gossip. This becomes common place, which feeds the negativity. 

People begin to fill in the communication voids by making assumptions – which soon become gossip. 

In the eyes of the team, management doesn’t seem to care much about anything, including following standards, so compliance becomes optional. 

Customer service and quality of care suffer, and the working environment feels negative and stressful – sometimes even hostile or oppressive. 

Causing staff members to think, “What am I even doing here? This sucks! I could make more money at McDonald’s with far less stress.” 

...And They Leave! It's Time To This Cycle!

This course, Leadership Mastery for Early Educators is dedicated to that purpose.

The rate of employee turnover you are experiencing in your school is directly tied to the leadership of your school. 

That leader is YOU – even if you are an owner with an onsite director (or directors) responsible for running the day to day of your operations. You LEAD them. You need to be the visionary that inspires them to lead their team(s).

I mentioned that 30-40% was the average annual turnover rate in the preschool industry. However, some child care centers experience higher than average turnover rates. The more positive your working environment, the lower your turnover rate, and the more negative your working environment, the higher your turnover rate is likely to be. 

Real Results From People

Meet Alvin & Joy's Directors:

Alvin & Joy asked their directors to check in with them at the end of each week with a quick video about their takeaways from the Leadership Mastery Course. Here’s what they had to say.

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The Quality of Your Determines the Quality of Your Culture

The fact that it is difficult to find and keep quality staff members is not a surprise to anyone working in the industry. They feel the pain. In fact, the majority child care businesses in the US and Canada reported that “Labor” was their number one risk for the coming year. 

Sixty-five percent ranked talent and recruitment as their top priority.

Yet, the Top Issue that Employees Have with Their Child Care Employer is Related to Leadership and Culture.

 According to Glassdoor, low wages is number two, but not as significant as leadership and culture.

In a recent Glassdoor survey, the average child care company rating was 2.8 on a scale of 1-5! This means that a majority of child care employees reported their overall experience working at their given child care company was, “less than ‘okay’.”

I Personally Found this Information Alarming, but It Doesn't Stop There...

Glassdoor dug deeper and asked employees WHY they gave the scores they did. What were the biggest “Pros” and biggest “Cons” of their jobs? You might be surprised to learn that 47% of employees agreed that the largest “Con” of working in child care was the leadership and culture of their or