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Leadership Mastery for Early Educators

Gain the to Effectively Lead Your team

Brand New Course!

Finally, A Ground-Breaking Training Specifically for Early Education Leaders Who Want to Build a Positive Team and Make a Bigger Impact!

If You are Facing Any of These Challenges…

  • You Feel Like You Are on a Hamster Wheel, Trying to Build a Strong & Positive Culture in Your School. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.
  • You are Battling Negativity, Gossip, Call-outs, Poor Work Ethic, or Similar Problems on Your Team & You Don't Know How to Fix it.
  • You Need Help Attracting and Retaining Quality Candidates that Fit Your Culture.
  • You've Been Leading Your Team for a While, But Can Feel Your Culture Slipping. You Need a Fresh Perspective and a Mindset Refresh.
  • You are New to a Leadership Role in Your Center and Need Some Help to Build Your Skills and Confidence so You Can Make a Real Impact!
  • You Want to Break Bad Leadership Habits that May be Holding You Back from Growing Your Team and Your Program.
  • You Don't Know How to Get Your Team to "Step Up," Let Alone Accomplish the Basic Duties of Their Jobs Without Complaints, Eye-Rolls, or Murmuring.
  • You are Spending Way Too Much Time Dealing with Staff Issues. Some Days You Feel More Like a Counselor or Fire Fighter than a Program Director.

...Then This Course is For YOU

Leadership Mastery for Early Educators is unlike any training course or coaching program in our field.  

You’ll get exactly what you need to solve the above challenges – without the “fluff” or rhetoric found in so many leadership trainings.


The True Cost of in an Early Childhood Program

Leadership Issues Lead to Staffing Issues, Which Lead to Enrollment Issues, Which Lead to Profit Issues!

There is an epidemic in the child care industry: extremely high staff turnover rates. The industry average is currently between 30-40%!

Working in child care can be extremely rewarding, but even in the healthiest, most positive working environment, the stress and chaos of it all, coupled with the low rate of pay, can wear on a person. This combination alone can lead to high rates of staff turnover. 

You might be surprised to learn, though, that the factors that most strongly influence staff turnover have nothing to do with money, or workload stress, or chaos.

The LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS to High Staff Turnover are Poor Company Leadership and a Negative Company Culture!

Notice I didn’t say poor company “management” – I clearly said “leadership.” There is quite a difference between being a leader and being a manager. 

So many of our child care directors are focused on the management of the center – the paperwork, and the regulations and the scheduling – that they don’t take any time to work on LEADERSHIP. 

What Is Turnover Costing You?

The cost of turnover in our industry is estimated to be approximately $5-8,000 per position when you consider the following factors:

  • Advertising costs, and wait time until you get a couple of great applicants.
  • Time to interview and hire, onboard, fingerprint, run criminal records checks, etc. (Not to mention the repeat fees associated with these things.)
  • Loss of confidence with parents which can lead to a loss of income and/or a loss of referrals due to negative word of mouth.
  • Disruption with current staff, who can become demotivated and stressed when constantly short-staffed, training new employees, or feeling under-supported by the newbies in their room all the time.
  • The stress and financial expense of the director and admin team having to cover classrooms, AND cover their own duties, which can be stressful and time-consuming.
  • The time and wages “wasted” on training the last person that didn’t last very long.
  • Limited income potential resulting from the inability to enroll more children simply because you don’t have enough staff to cover ratio.

Leadership Involves People!

It is building relationships and working WITH people to accomplish something big. It is LEADING them to success by taking them with you.

In the Absence of Strong Leadership, Negativity Festers.

Rather than collectively working toward one big goal or vision, everyone is out to accomplish their own agenda – their own way. 

There is no unity or team spirit. 

An absence of purposeful, direct and open communication from the top down (or between team members) leads to misunderstandings, which provide fodder for venting and gossip. This becomes common place, which feeds the negativity. 

People begin to fill in the communication voids by making assumptions – which soon become gossip. 

In the eyes of the team, management doesn’t seem to care much about anything, including following standards, so compliance becomes optional. 

Customer service and quality of care suffer, and the working environment feels negative and stressful – sometimes even hostile or oppressive. 

Causing staff members to think, “What am I even doing here? This sucks! I could make more money at McDonald’s with far less stress.” 

...And They Leave! It's Time To This Cycle!

This course, Leadership Mastery for Early Educators is dedicated to that purpose.

The rate of employee turnover you are experiencing in your school is directly tied to the leadership of your school. 

That leader is YOU – even if you are an owner with an onsite director (or directors) responsible for running the day to day of your operations. You LEAD them. You need to be the visionary that inspires them to lead their team(s).

I mentioned that 30-40% was the average annual turnover rate in the preschool industry. However, some child care centers experience higher than average turnover rates. The more positive your working environment, the lower your turnover rate, and the more negative your working environment, the higher your turnover rate is likely to be. 

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  • After You Have Completed All Course Content, You Will be Officially Certified in Leadership Mastery by the Child Care Success Company and Issued a Certificate to Commemorate Your Accomplishment

The Quality of Your Determines the Quality of Your Culture

The fact that it is difficult to find and keep quality staff members is not a surprise to anyone working in the industry. They feel the pain. In fact, the majority child care businesses in the US and Canada reported that “Labor” was their number one risk for the coming year. 

Sixty-five percent ranked talent and recruitment as their top priority.

Yet, the Top Issue that Employees Have with Their Child Care Employer is Related to Leadership and Culture.

 According to Glassdoor, low wages is number two, but not as significant as leadership and culture.

In a recent Glassdoor survey, the average child care company rating was 2.8 on a scale of 1-5! This means that a majority of child care employees reported their overall experience working at their given child care company was, “less than ‘okay’.”

I Personally Found this Information Alarming, but It Doesn't Stop There...

Glassdoor dug deeper and asked employees WHY they gave the scores they did. What were the biggest “Pros” and biggest “Cons” of their jobs? You might be surprised to learn that 47% of employees agreed that the largest “Con” of working in child care was the leadership and culture of their organizations. 

They cited the following symptoms in their leaders:

  • Issues with management styles
  • Lack of transparency and constructive feedback
  • Toxic employee relationships and other elements of workplace culture and leadership
  • Feeling like management does not address their needs

This is Clearly a Problem!

Yet, many child care leaders are unaware that it is as pervasive as it is. They might feel like staff turnover is their own private battle to fight, or just “part of doing business.” 

In child care, it’s common to feel isolated in your own building. The other programs in your area are competition, and it’s not common to socialize or collaborate with the competition. Owners and directors are too isolated or too busy in their own little fish bowls to be able to see what is happening in other fish bowls.

They may not even realize that struggles with leadership, culture, and turnover are an industry-wide problem. 

Even if they have heard about the problem of high turnover, they may feel too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Or they may feel that they are just one person – how could they possibly make a difference? – so they do nothing. 

The belief that it just “is what it is” hides the fact that this problem can be easily corrected with some changes in mindset and practice.

The isolation and the “busyness” that child care owners and directors struggle with may contribute to the lack of leadership displayed. 

Directors are just trying to get their work done, and they have A LOT to juggle – way more than the teachers do. They can become annoyed quickly when they feel like the very team hired to help them do their job effectively causes so many headaches. 

There always seems to be something happening, e.g. staff drama, call-outs, cleanliness standards not being met, tattle-tales, that takes the director away from her “real” work. 

It’s easy to see how irritated directors might contribute to this culture problem, and the high turnover rate, without even knowing it.

So, when you are in this state, completely overwhelmed, and someone comes along and tells you that you need to be a better leader, you might just roll your eyes.

You already have so much on your plate, so much to juggle. How can you possibly fit leadership training in? And even if you could, how on earth would it make a difference? It’s your staff members that are the problem. If they would just do their jobs things would be different. Right?

You or Your Director Might Have Even Had Thoughts Like This:

  • “I have so much to do, so much to teachers should just get over it. Their issues are so insignificant.”
  • “They’re getting paid to do a job – they should stop being so petty, and just do their jobs. I shouldn’t have to do a bunch of extra stuff to get them to do their job.”
  • “I’m the boss for a reason. I know what I’m doing –I don’t need this leadership stuff.”
  • “I swear, the staff members are worse than the kids, I have to babysit them all the time, just to get them to do the simplest things.”
  • “My staff members think they have it so rough, they have no idea what rough is. They should try doing MY job. I guarantee they wouldn’t last a week.”

If you’ve had a thought or two similar to these, you are not alone. Many directors feel this way.

It’s lonely at the top.

There is seldom a lot of help, and you don’t have many people you can lean on for support.

In every center, there are MANY teachers. However, there is usually only one director, and maybe an assistant director.

It can seem overwhelming, like everything is on your shoulders. How can you possibly do anything more?

This is a that Will Keep You Stuck!

You need to change your mindset if things are ever going to be different. 

You need to know that YOU have the power to fix the culture of your center.

You can change the environment completely. 

You can lead your team to work together and be productive

You can reduce your staff turnover rate. 

You can be a leader that inspires your team to follow your vision – 

IF you are willing to grow and work on yourself.

I Guarantee That If You Work on LEARNING TO LEAD Instead of Just Managing or Reacting to Your Team, It Will Make The Biggest Difference in Your School!

I've Got For You!

Correcting this problem is 100% under your control. 

There’s no need to wait for committee approval. You can start immediately. 

Better news – it doesn’t cost much, if anything, to implement strategies that create a positive work culture or to intentionally try to improve your leadership skills

But it STARTS with your commitment to becoming a better leader.

It is the teacher’s job to take care of the children, but as a LEADER in a child care or preschool setting, it is YOUR JOB to take care of the teacher!

Your staff members want to feel like part of a team or family, feel like they are making a difference, and feel trusted and empowered

When you start actively working on your intentional leadership style and creating a more positive staff culture your team will begin to thrive

When you start leading (vs managing), your team will follow. 

Change will start to take place, momentum will build, and before you know it, you will have transformed the culture of your work environment, because you decided to work on transforming yourself.

The leadership and culture of your organization are not things you can change overnight, but they are absolutely CRITICAL to the long-term success of any organization. 

Leadership Mastery for Early Educators is Your First Step to Transforming Your Workplace by Truly Leading.

Real Results From People

Allow Me to Introduce You To for Training Directors, Assistant Directors and Other Leaders in Your Schools!

Module 1:

Setting the Foundation for Leadership

Craft Your Powerful School Vision Using Our Models, Examples and Real-World Stories

  • How to Construct Your School Vision - You Need to Have a Crystal Clear Understanding of Where You are Going in Order to Bring Your Vision to Life!
  • We Walk You Through Defining Your School's Core Values, and How to Include Your Team in the Process.
  • We Help You Identify the Beliefs You Have About Yourself as a Leader and Determine if Your Thought Patterns Are Holding You Back or Propelling You Forward
  • Together We Will Work On Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs - Often the Thing Holding You Back From Being the Leader You Can Be is the Story You Are Telling Yourself!
  • We Provide a Communication Framework for Sharing Your Vision - A Clear, Well-Defined Vision Won't Change Your Business if You Lock It Away and Never Share It with Your People

Module 2:

Leading from the Top: Trickle Down Leadership

Become the Leader You Always Wanted to Be - Effectively Leading Your Team in a Culture of Excellence

  • The Culture of the Workplace Trickles Down from the Leadership - Learn How to Inspire and Motivate Your Team by Showing Up as a True Leader
  • Get Clarity on the Common Traits of an Effective Leader and Measure Yourself Against Them
  • Analyize Your Leadership Gap to Learn the Actions and Behaviors You Need to Change to Become a Better Leader
  • Making the Shift - Reprogram Your Sub-optimal Leadership Patterns by Understanding the Triggers that Cause Them.

Module 3:

Attracting People that Fit Your Culture

Learn to Successfully Attract People that Fit Your School Culture, Allowing Your Team to Make a Bigger Impact

  • Learn How to Separate Amazing Rockstar Hires from Frustrating Sub-optimal Ones by Applying Your Cultural Foundation to Your Hiring Process
  • Ensure the People You are Attracting are Pre-sifted, Pre-sorted, and Pre-qualified to be Valuable Members of Your Organization Through Your Messaging. We Show You Exactly How to Craft a Message That Will Attract the Best Candidates.
  • Learn How to Make Your Vision and Core Values an Integral Part of Your Interview Process to Help You Identify the Best Culture-Fits!
  • Discover How to Establish a Standard of Excellence for Your New Employees by Bringing Your Vision & Values into Your Onboarding Process

Module 4:

Maintaining a Positive Culture

Keep the Positivity Going Long-Term! Skillfully Use Effective Tools & Tactics to Transform Your Workplace and Build Relationships.

  • Discover How to Learn About Areas for Improvement (or What You Are Doing Well) by Creating Feedback Loops with Your Team.
  • Learn How to Close Communication Gaps and Establish Healthy, Collaborative Communicaiton Patterns Among Your Team Of Teachers & Caregivers.
  • Learn New Ways to Make your Team Feel Seen and Valued so they Stay in Alignment with Your Core Values
  • In a Place Where Fun Exists, Learning Thrives. We Share Several Strategies to Increase Your Retention Rates by Bringing More Fun Into The Workplace.

Module 5:

Overcoming Challenges

Don't Let Tough Situations Derail You! Gain the Confidence & Skills to Face Challenges and Overcome Them

  • Discover How to Keep the Trust of Your Team During Challenging Situations with Proper Fact-Gathering Procedures.
  • Avoid Shutting The Door on Massive Transformational Growth By Successfully Navagating Through Tough Conversations with Your Team Members.
  • Handling Conflict Poorly Can Bring Your Organization to a Halt. Learn Several Successful Methods of Resolving Conflict to Keep Things Running Smoothly.
  • Growing Your Leadership Skills Continues When This Course is Over. Get Several Resources, Books, & Podcasts to Help You Continue to Sharpen Your Saw Throughout Your Professional Journey.

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You are protected by my famous “I Love This Training” Guarantee! I’m confident that when you join my Leadership Mastery for Early Educators Course you’re going to get instant value, and be thrilled with your investment.  

Just to back that up, I’ll give you until the end of week two to REALLY decide if this Course is for you. If you decide it’s not everything you want and need to grow your leadership skills, train your team, and improve your workplace culture, just let me know within two weeks of your purchase date, and get a refund. 100%, no questions asked. You have my word.

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