Member Spotlight: Jaime Moran

For Jaime Moran, owner of Over the Rainbow Learning Center in Connecticut, her business transformation began in 2016 when she attended her first Child Care Success Summit. Jaime attended the CCSS in desperation to find a way to quickly fill her two centers. She joined the Freedom Level of the Child Care Success Academy while she was there. Since then, Jaime’s two schools are performing beyond what was once imaginable when she first began her journey in the child care industry.

We asked Jaime to share her story of transformation and business growth since working with the Child Care Success Academy so other child care owners across the world can be inspired by her results.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to work with children. I received my masters degree in 2006 and began teaching kindergarten. I loved my job. It was the most rewarding experience knowing that when the children started with me they came in not knowing much and left kindergarten reading and writing. It was rewarding to know I helped shape their minds to accomplish so much in just one school year.

I married in 2006 and started having my 3 children. I had major mommy guilt and wanted more than anything to be home with them but still do what I love. Finally in 2012, with the amazing help of my parents, I purchased my first center. I bought the center with 25 kids and was able to bring it up to full capacity of 50 in 2 years. My father and I decided to expand to my second location in 2014.

What I didn’t know during the sale was that all of the enrollment numbers were skewed. All paperwork showed higher enrollment than there actually was. The center’s reputation in the community was also not what I thought. While trying to build my 2nd center, I had entrusted a director in the other center to run, however little did I know she was ruining me and starting her own center. By the time, I had fired her it was too late. She had already enrolled most of my students and I lost more than half of my enrollment in that center.

In desperation of needing to fill my centers quickly, I found Kris Murray. I attended her summitt in Arizona in 2016 and immediately signed up for the academy. It was the best decision I have ever made. I came back with a mile long to do list and got to work. I began implementing and changing so much. I added Childcare CRM, I began tracking all of my numbers, and I implemented many other marketing ideas. These have been invaluable measures to help us grow. I also began to put the right people in the right seats and began to delegate more. I am so lucky to have a fantastic management team that shares my values and vision. Together we have increased enrollment and built up the reputation of our school in our town.

In 2017, a big name center opened directly across the street from one of the centers and fear set in about losing our families or affecting future enrollment. I am so proud to say we have maintained our enrollment and to this day more and more families are choosing us.

The most important thing I learned from Kris (and my amazing coach Brian) is to have a warrior mindset. I view things differently and approach challenges in a whole new way. My confidence level has exploded. Before entering the academy, I was working in my business and now I can finally work ON my business. I feel I have grown so much as a person and a leader. The friendships and networking I have gained from this group are priceless. I still have so much to build and work on, but I am so grateful to Kris and her team!! 2019 is going to be an amazing year!

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