Member Spotlight: Kathy Cameron


How did you hear about the Child Care Success Academy?

From a Fellow Child Care Owner

What are the top issues you were struggling with before you joined the Academy?

I truly struggled with enrollment. At one time, my program only had 41 children enrolled with a capacity of 88. In the month of July 2019, we enrolled 25 children into our program.

When & why did you decide to join the Child Care Success Academy?
On a Facebook page, several other owners/directors were talking about the Summit in Dallas. I looked into it and registered to go. I then received a video conference with Brian. The tips he gave me to help my business in only 30 minutes, changed the course of my business. He asked me to join the academy and it has all been improving ever since.

Tell us about some of the results you’ve experienced since you’ve been a part of this group:
My website has improved. My Facebook has improved. I’m using ChildCareCRM and tracking my inquires and in July 2019 we enrolled 25 children and for the first time (since working as the director, and now owner, in 12 years) our center is FULL!

How have these results impacted your life and your business?
I’m working at home and for the first time ever, I’m seeing my kids off the bus and going to their school events. I have a full-time director. My stress level is lower than ever and I’m enjoying my work and my family. At this time, we are expanding the business and adding another location for our school-age kids, which will support another 52 children.

Have there been any eye-opening experiences or A-ha moments you’d like to share?
Every interaction with a client is another $8,000 a year. Whether that client be a potential client, new client or long-time client. When answering the phone, get all the information and sell the program. Schedule tours and win them over with the awesomeness of the program and staff. Keep the surprises going with birthday goody bags and anniversary emails.

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Child Care Success Academy?
I felt very alone in my business. I made the mistake of getting too close to my previous assistant director and it bit me in the end. I kept everyone at a safe distance and had no one to lean on, outside my family. Now I have other owners to get ideas from and some that are great friends of mine. My director has even got an accountability group with other directors in the academy. I gain new ideas and success tips with each Zoom call and every quarterly meeting.

If you would like to give a shout out to any of our coaches or team members – who, what and why?
Brian’s first call with me was LIFE CHANGING! Then when I went to my first quarterly meeting (I’m a very shy person) he sought me out and welcomed me to the Academy. He made me feel special at a time when I felt otherwise.

Jennifer, my coach has wonderful insight on how to develop systems in place to get me out of the center and working at home as well as aiding in my second location.

Why would you recommend the Academy to other child care business owners?
It WILL change your life and your business!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about your journey with the Child Care Success Academy?
I am very grateful for all that work so hard to bring us valuable information to our quarterly meetings as well as our Zoom calls. I am constantly pushed outside my comfort zone and that is where the growth begins. And growing is where I am!

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