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This Book was Written Specifically to
Motivate Teachers and Caregivers Working in
Early Childhood Programs

This Book Will Every Teacher on Your Team!

The 218 Easy-to-Read Pages Reveal Secret Strategies and Habits to Maximize Teacher Happiness and Their Impact in the Classroom!

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Kris Murray and Brian Duprey pictured together on the stage of the Child care Success Summit 2019.

We are to bring this book to you!

Kris Murray, the world’s leading expert in child care business development and owner of the Child Care Success Company, teams up with certified child care coach, Brian Duprey, to bring you this powerhouse gem.

Included are chapters on making a difference, health & wellness, goals & dreams, mindset, leadership, work ethic, and finances that will help all team members in a child care program to live their best lives, in and out of the classroom.

Who This Book is For:

Child Care and Preschool Owners

We know you have the MOST stressful job in the company! Being a center owner can be pretty lonely, but you are on a mission to make a difference for children! You need a team to help you do that, but sometimes you need a little bit of extra help and support keeping them motivated and positive. This book was written to help you do just that! Giving this gift to your team members will improve their mindset and motivation, you can even make it a part of your orientation process, or do a book study as part of your regular staff meetings.

Directors & Assistant Directors

Congratulations, You have one of the most important positions in the company and are trusted with a HUGE responsibility. It’s a dynamic, ever changing, involved job. It is up to you to carry out the owner’s vision, ensure the children receive quality care and education, keep a positive workplace atmosphere, and handle all the business “stuff.”  You want to do your absolute best, however, we know – in our work with owners and directors in the field – that MANY of you lack leadership training and struggle with getting your team to follow you. This book will not only help YOU with your own mindset, but will help your employees with theirs!

Teachers & Caregivers

These are the people that are working directly with the children day in and day out. They are the backbone of the child care industry, without them you couldn’t run your business. This book was written SPECIFICALLY WITH TEACHERS and TEAM MEMBERS in mind! Many teachers struggle with issues like self-image, self-care, positive mindset, relationships, addiction, personal finances, work ethic, and more. This book was created to be used as a tool to help your team become refreshed and recharged! 

Support Staff


EVERY PERSON on your team contributes to the mission of your program! Without a cook, the children would go hungry, Without the maintenance person the lights may not shine. Each support person has a vital role in running an effective center and is an equally important part of the team! This book will help any person on your team start thinking more positively, be more motivated, and improve their mindset and leadership skills.

This Book was Written Specifically to Motivate Teachers and
Caregivers Working in Early Childhood Programs

Happiness-Guide-Cover-Idea-1-front-only (1)-min-500-min

The 218 Easy-to-Read Pages Reveal Secret Strategies and Habits to Maximize Teacher Happiness and Their Impact in the Classroom!

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Here's What People Have to Say About Author of Child Care Millionaire!

Why is This Book a for Your Success Library?

Put simply, we’ve curated our top “Gems” of wisdom from our years of working with clients in the early childhood industry. 

We’ve learned that owners and directors are HUNGRY for help with motivating and inspiring their teams.

You said you needed support. We listened.


Here's of What's Inside and What It Might Mean For You and Your Child Care Team:

Gem #23 – This little known practice will trick your brain into thinking you are happy with yourself.  Make this a daily habit and you will be well on your way to changing your mindset. All you need is a mirror!


Gem #25 – You spend a large part of your day talking to yourself without even realizing you are doing it.  Unfortunately, most people’s self-talk is dangerously self-destructive. We reveal how to change the conversation playing in your head.


Gem #30 – A super effective strategy for growing to a place where you naturally have an optimistic outlook. When you are able to master this in every situation you’ll start attracting more positive outcomes!


Gem #33 – Is Subliminal Messaging a real thing? Can it work for you? Read Gem #33 to explore this topic.


Gem #34 – Can your friends really hold you back? Maybe. How’s their attitude? Your income, attitude, and mindset are in direct proportion to the five people you hang around with the most.  Look at the five friends you spend the most time with and see if this is true. Then read this gem to find out what to do about it.


Gem #37 – Do you look at other people and sometimes get jealous of what they have or have done? It is time to stop that stinking thinking and go find a way to get what YOU want in life.


Gem #38 – Let us show you how to get through those rough patches. Use this technique to help you remember all the things you are grateful for.


Gem #48 –  A child care team is only as strong as its weakest team member. If you see weakness in your team, this gem will guide you in working with that person to help them get stronger so you can all continue to be stronger.


Gem #50 – This reminder to help others around you that may be struggling is a key to inner happiness. We all have gifts that shine. If there is someone you know who needs their own candle lit, don’t be stingy with your light, let it shine for the world to see.


Gem #52 – Learn the ONE THING you should never let another person steal from you. It is the one thing that you have control over, and to let someone take it from you robs you of the power of choice.


Gem #58 – Learn how to stop making excuses for why you are not where you want to be  in life. This gem helps you to stop playing the blame game and start taking responsibility for your actions, allowing you to take control over your life and write the future you want to live.


Gem #60 – Discover one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES teachers & caregivers make on the job, why it contributes to your feelings of overwhelm, and how to stop doing it!


Gem #65 – Learn a simple leadership technique to build trust and respect with the team members you are trying to lead. This leadership skill is a game changer for any organization.


Gem # 69 – Learn how a teacher mentorship program at your school can build morale and enhance the skills, mindset, and confidence levels of your team.


Gem #71 – One of the hardest leadership lessons for a new leader to learn is when to be a friend and when to be a leader.  Many directors at child care centers are former teachers and many of them are now leading teachers that they used to work side by side with. This gem will help those new to leadership positions navigate successfully.


Gem #78 – Leading others may come naturally to some people, but for most, it has to be learned.  Most child care leaders have never had one minute of leadership training in their life and wonder why they are having problems leading others. Dive into Gem #78 to learn how to overcome this issue.


Gem #93 – Water heated to 211° is simply that, hot water.  What happens if you continue heating the 211-degree water up one more degree? It boils.  At 212° Fahrenheit boiling water creates steam, which will spin turbines that can produce electricity or turn a propeller shaft.  Boiling water can light up a city and move ships and trains around the world. The extra degree makes all the difference.  This gem helps you to look for areas in your life where you can apply the extra degree philosophy.

Here's Next

Like I said, we are offering this book right now as an EXTREME DISCOUNT for two reasons.

First – we are SUPER EXCITED that this book just released, and we are CELEBRATING!!!

Second – we want to get it in the hands of as many teachers & caregivers as possible! So we are making it as affordable as possible so you can grab one for every teacher on your team.

Do not forget to grab extra copies to give each new teacher you onboard into your center. 

We know time is of the essence, as the holidays are right around the corner, so we’ve arranged for ordering directly through Amazon. There aren’t many places that can beat their delivery speed!

(Plus, if you are a Amazon Prime member, shipping is free!!!)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering…


I know there are some websites out there that offer you a great deal on something but then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month.

This isn’t one of them.

There is NO hidden “continuity program” you have to try, or anything even remotely like that.

We are literally almost giving you this entire book of our BEST SECRETS on mindset, leadership, work ethic and motivation designed to help your staff members soar, as a means of putting our “best foot forward” and demonstrating real value.

Our hope is that you’ll love it and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

But with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

is of the Essence

Here’s Why:

We’re only offering this LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE until Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 at midnight. 

Because…we want you to be excited to TAKE ACTION and order plenty of copies for your team of early childhood professionals! 

Do not forget to grab extra copies to give each new teacher you onboard into your center.


Do it now, without hesitation or delay.


We KNOW that this book is going to be in HIGH DEMAND, so we have set up and ready to process your orders quickly!


You may not know this, but Amazon only keeps around 200 copies printed and in stock, and they print more as their supply runs out. 


In all likelihood, they’ll sell out almost instantly and have to print a second, third or fourth run to keep up with demand!



Because I have over 6,000 LinkedIn contacts in our field of early childhood education, and over 6,200 Facebook followers. Plus an email list of clients and subscribers that’s nearly 20,000 strong.


All these folks are getting this message at the same time you are.


It’s simply a matter of supply and demand.





This Book has already reached #1 NEW RELEASE BEST SELLER STATUS – on DAY 1!

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Yes, You Really Are Getting This Book for the Introductory Price of $9.99! But...

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If you miss the deadline, that’s all she wrote.

You’ll miss out on the savings!

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What People Are Saying About Author, Coach, and Child Care Business Expert,

Last Chance!

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This Book was Written Specifically to
Motivate Teachers and Caregivers
Working in Early Childhood Programs

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