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If You Want to Automate Your Marketing Success, Fill All the Openings in Your School, and Stand Out in Your Community, Then You Need to Read this Letter in It's Entirety...

This A Complete Done-For-You System

From the desk of Kris Murray

Dear Friend,

For many parents, choosing the right childcare or preschool is a huge, daunting, even stressful decision-making process. It takes time – usually weeks or months – to visit several preschools, look at all the options, and make the right decision.

In fact, most marketing experts will tell you that it takes a minimum of SEVEN “touches” with your prospect before they will do business you.

Your clients, in particular, are making a very important and intimate buying decision when they choose YOU to care for their children. They want to choose someone they feel like they already KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Here’s The Big Problem:

A minimum of seven touches is a lot of follow up. It takes time, and it’s often the last thing that directors or child care staff want to do. They don’t want to be seen as “stalking” the potential clients, or bugging parents by calling them.

As a result, most child care centers do little if any follow up after the tour, or in between the time of the initial call and the scheduled tour. This leads to tour no- shows, and low conversion rates of tours to enrollments.

And it leaves parents wondering if a school really wants to earn their business, or even doubting if the program is reliable and trustworthy.

So…how can you get your prospects to know you, like you and trust you before they ever even meet you? You need a way to put your face in front of them regularly, a way to communicate to them your knowledge and expertise in all things early childhood, and a way to let them know you WANT their business.

Luckily, There Is an Easy Solution

The solution is to use automated marketing systems to regularly send out little high-value “touches” to prospects, so your program can build a solid relationship based on trust, with parents in your community.

Perhaps the best and easiest marketing system to solve this problem is email. Email is the number one method of communication in our society today, and it allows you to easily build trust, connection, and value with your prospects and clients.

The really cool thing about email is – you can “set it and forget it.” You can literally set up a follow-up campaign once, and put it on auto-pilot. This asset for any business is huge, and it helps you gain enrollments and revenue while you sleep.