Welcome Your New Hires in a Special Way

Employee retention is a huge struggle for many child care centers. Our industry is notorious for high turnover rates. A recent survey by Glassdoor shared that child care employees rated their places of work at only a 2.8 (average) on a scale of 1-5, 5 being a great place to work, and 3 being an “ok” place to work. Child care in general was rated as LESS THAN “OK.”

The number one reason for the low rating was noted as poor leadership and culture in the work place. In other words, the managers or directors either did not lead well or did not help maintain a positive work place culture. I am on a mission to change that.

Why not start “wowing” your new hires on day one with some added touches that make them feel extremely welcome right off the bat? There are several ways you can do this, but here is ONE IDEA. Give each new hire a special “Teacher Survival Kit” on their first day.

You can get some cheap baskets or gift bags from the dollar store. Then design a cute little card titled “Teacher’s Survival Kit” and pick out your favorite items from the list below, then fill your basket with these items.

This list is a compilation of lots of ideas I found from several sources online. Some of the items are repeats, but the reasons they are included on the list were different, so I included them both. Don’t use all of the items listed below….just pick your favorite 10-12 and create your very own teacher survival kit.

I did this at my child care center for all new hires, and it really made my new employees feel welcome. Here are a couple of pics of the teacher survival kit that we gave our new hires.